Vital errors after FL20 update. No sounds working in vital

I recently updated FL20 and now every single sound ive made with vital will not play. If I write something new it will work, but it will not play anything previously written, which is everything I have. Ive tried scanning and errors just pop up with nothing to help at all. Can you please help with this?

New iMac M1

You should report the issue at the Image-Line forums since the issue is apparently caused by an FL Studio update:

I’m an FL Studio user but don’t use a Mac so can’t help there.

I tried and they told me I should post in this forum since its Vital lol.

Did you tell them that it worked fine until you updated FL Studio?

I don’t see your post at the Image-line forums.

Try with ‘‘rescan plugins with errors’’ option enabled. If that doesn’t work, you can fill the required information under plugin tab that is alongside options. Hope it works, Cheers.