Vital Equivalents To Serum Processes

My favourite artist, Au5 has a bunch of Serum tutorials but Vital is easier for me. In this one, he goes to “Processes -> Remove Fundamental” and I was wondering how I would do that in Vital (If it’s possible)

Any other Serum processes that have a different execution in Vital that you know of would be nice to know as well

EDIT: If you need to look through this tutorial for more,

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If you’re using harmonics in the wavetable editor:

I believe the 2nd band is the fundamental frequency so removing that removes the fundamental.

Other than that, I don’t think Vital has that capability yet…

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Sorry, harmonics being…? I can’t figure out how you got that bar

In the wavetable editor, if you have a Wave Source, you can edit harmonics, I don’t think this isn’t available for Audio Sources

This is what I get; It’s greyed out and I can’t edit it

You need to use Wave Source not Audio File Source.

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That’s what I thought. I assume resynthesizing converted it to audio?

Yes it will convert to Audio File Source.

I’ll just look for a Vital tutorial. Thanks for the help, though

The best teacher is experience but here’s a wavetable tutorial.

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No wiser words have been said

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Hey did you manage to solve it, im facing the same problem and didnt find much help in the tutorial

I think there might be a high-pass modifier in the wavetable editor that you can use to remove the fundamental on this audio source. I may be wrong, though