Vital effects problems in the fl studio piano roll

im new to vital, so im working on a “wobble” bass and i need a phaser so i create my sound. it sounds good but then when i play it through the piano roll the phase just keeps retrigering and the same note sounds the same and the attack of the sound it very short.

when i play it in the vst using my keyboard (i dont have a midi piano) it sound more liquidy and phase like lol if that makes any sense

ive been looking for a retrigger botton messed around with everything i can think of the velktrk even though i dont understand it and have been resetting things as ive messed around with them so i dont f up my sound anyone help… please…

summary : i play a note on keyboard phase works as intended. when i puta few keys down on a piano roll the phase retriggers btw the effect is from the vst phaser not external

Hmm try enabling Legato? That will allow the phasing to continue through the notes without resetting possibly.

Also feel free to post your patch, or maybe a sound clip of what you’re going for, maybe there’s another way to get there.