Vital early access not showing up as an app if installed from .deb file

I have encountered an issue in the Vital early access build (v1.5.5) where installing it from the .deb file will succeed and show as installed when I query apt through sudo apt list --installed, but it doesn’t show up in the app launcher and also cannot be selected as a VST from my DAW which I’m using (LMMS). I tried installing it through apt, dpkg and the graphical installer shipped with my OS, which is Eddy. All of them don’t show the app in the installed list. This issue doesn’t appear when using the latest stable build of Vital. I can’t use that however since I created most of my presets in the early access.

If that helps, I’m on Pop_OS! 22.04 LTS and use the latest LMMS alpha version there is available currently.

do you know where the .vst folder on your system is located? is that the directory that LMMS is looking for Vital in? there’s some ‘dpkg’ tricks to use from your terminal in order to see the actions that the .deb control file is trying to do, maybe that would shed some light as to what directories it’s dropping the files.

i always extract .deb files when i get them (because I’m on arch.) then i just manually place them where i need them to be.

That sort of did the trick, thank you very much. I downloaded v1.5.5 and extracted it using

dpkg-deb --extract VitalInstaller.deb <dir>

Then, I ran the executable in the bin folder, and it now appears to be working standalone. I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but how can I get it to run as a VST in LMMS? VeSTige only accepts .dll and .exe files, but Vital only provides an .so file iirc. Am I missing something obvious or is LMMS missing native .so support?