Vital dosen't open in Ableton but opens in FL

i have the OpenGL Problem but in Ableton only, i can run it pretty smoothly in FL Studio 20

the popup says :

please help if you can!

Do you have a system that has dual video devices such as onboard video and a separate video card?

If so then perhaps the system is set to use the onboard card for Abelton and the video card for FL Studio?

That’s the only thing that would make sense to me since obviously you can run Vital in FL Studio with no issue so at least one video device has the proper specs.

No i don’t have it, i just have my little office monitor Dell with VGA and nothing else

To be clear I’m not talking about your monitor or connection type but the internal video card or onboard video device.

Some systems have a video device that is on the motherboard and also a separate video card but it doesn’t sound like yours does.

Like I said since Vital works fine in FL Studio it’s obvious that your system is capable of running it so no idea why it won’t run in Ableton unless there are some settings in it that might make a difference.

I own FL Studio but not Ableton so can’t test with it…