Vital doesn't show up in Ableton

I’m on Ableton Live 10 Suite, using Windows. After several re-scans and installations within my VST folder, Vital still does not appear in Ableton

Is anyone else experiencing similar problems and/or does anyone have a solution?

Thank you in advance

Search the forum for Ableton. There are several threads by people reporting various problems.

Make sure you have Ableton 10.1 or higher

Why does it work on 9 and not 10?

Vital works fine on my Macbook Pro, on Ableton 9

I’d make sure it’s actually in the right directory and double check ableton’s VST directories. So many vendors put things in weird directories on Windows and VST directories get to be a mess.

Hey! (Thank you for Vital btw, this software is insane)

I’m kind of confused (and new to VSTs). When you say VST directories are you referring to the custom folder I selected to be scanned by Ableton, or something else entirely?

I went on Ableton’s FAQ page on this subject and am still having trouble.