Vital doesn't play full song

I sampled a song using that white noise thingy and it doesn’t finish for some reason. The sample is like 3 minutes long but it stops at 50 seconds. The note in the piano roll is like 3 minutes long i am sure.

Quick question, why would you sample and entire song? And the ‘white noise thingy’ is called a ‘sampler’ or ‘sample osc’

I put a limit in because all preset data is in memory uncompressed and I don’t want to make people run out of RAM

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No what i did was i sampled a song using Vital, applied effects to it and then exported it but i only got 50 seconds of it. How can i bypass this limit if possible?

Yeah sorry i am new to Vital and in general FL Studio so i don’t know the terms very well yet but it’s good to see what i mean. I like the way the Vital’s compressor works so i use it for the song.

It is still very unclear what you are trying to do… Are you loading a sound file into vitals sampler or are you playing a sound (a preset) in vital via midi? If it is the latter, then most definitely something is wrong with your FL settings if only parts of the song are exported, not vital…

The first. I loaded a sound file into Vitals sampler, applied effects, made one long note in piano roll long enough the entire sample plays then exported it and the song wasn’t in full length, suddendly it just cuts off but strangely the audio file has the same length as the note so after it cuts off theres just silence on the spectrogram.

So as @Tytel already answered, there is a limit for sample size, because wavetables and samples are saved with a preset, and you would get very big presets otherwise. Vitals sampler is not really meant to play an entire song, so for most of us the limit never is a problem.

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