Vital does not remember settings

I know this is hs been asked but, any news on how to fix it?

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would be good to know

What do you mean? What settings? Like displaying Hz over semitones or something?

no the soundcard settings , buffer size etc :wink:

Ah gotcha.
In the standalone version? I thought this was a the result of windows audio taking control of the synth, so to speak.
Otherwise, sorry I’m not sure if this bug has been fixed yet or what exactly causes it

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this is true ,lovely windows

What happens if you change the windows default settings?
Control Panel - Sound - Playback - Properties - Advanced
There should be a 24 bit 48k and 44k option

Apologies though I don’t know of any way to change the buffer size in windows, maybe there’s a command prompt? But doesn’t seem likely.

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Thanks , think your right ! But my other vst synths recall the settings ! Not to worry

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