Vital does not accept correct account info

I reset my password multiple times, and the VST itself will not accept my log-in information. The website works, but I can’t figure out why it’s not accepting it in the DAW.

The error code I’m getting is “Password is invalid, or the user doesn’t have a password”.

Could you first try to log in via the Standalone version of Vital? If it helps I can also suggest running it as Admin/Root/Sudo in order to see if this will help.

Yeah, I can try to do that.

It did work in the standalone version, should I try to log back into the VST version in Ableton?

This should hopefully fix the issue of having to log in to the VST within Ableton as well,

Alright that worked, thank you very much!

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Absolute legend!

I was having the same issue - Thank you

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