Vital dll. Does not run in FL studio

After adding Vital into DAW, FLS read the Vital like dll. but not as VST. When i put it in (Add plugin) it appears like SAMPLER. Placement in folders is rigt.

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Vital works fine here in FL Studio. Vital VST2 will be in .dll format. Something is wrong with your scan. Here’s how it looks here:


What version of FL Studio are you running ? I assume you’re running the 64 bit version.

works here as well, have you done a rescan? make sure fl is pointing to the correct folder (you will almost definitely need to go into the plugin manager).

I think the scan is ok, it finds Vital normally, just like other plugins. Even after adding path to Vital folder, it does´nt read .dll like VST. There is the icon of folder maybe text file, while Helm have gear and works normally. FLS is version 12 and run 64 bit.

Resfresh plugin list - Start scan - choose the Vital - Adding path to the folder - Closing the scan

This is the way wich i do every time and there was´nt problem at all, but in this case it does´nt work.
FLS read the Vital as the Text file

Vital works fine for me as well like others mentioned.

I think you should try to update your FL Studio (there’s no real benefit of sticking to FL12), this looks like some issue on the DAW end that probably got already resolved in some update(s) in fresher FL Studio and not like the issue caused by Vital itself

Eventually you can try to manually delete database entry for Vital created by FL12, usually located in:

C:\Program Files\Image-Line\FL Studio 12\Data\Patches\Plugin database\Installed\Generators

And force FL Studio to rescan your plugins again to add Vital to that folder
Also what version of Vital do you have btw?

Additionally did you try to add Vital by “ADD” menu instead of internal browser?

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Miss Melody is right. There is no reason not to be running the latest version of FL Studio. Well there is one reason and I don’t what to go there.

You can install FL Studio alongside of FL 12.

You’re not running Windows 7 by any chance are you ?


Thank you very much :slight_smile: as you said, problem was in the version of FL

It turned out that the bug was really in the version of FL. Thank you for your cooperation :slight_smile: