Vital detected as a trojan on windows

You are very kind to say “kinda” :laughing:

hello to the whole community I just wanted to confirm that at the moment to install vital synth on windows 10 it is necessary to temporarily deactivate windows defender and then reactivate it after downloading and installing the plug in. Here my version vital synth installing on windows 10 :grinning:

To hopefully ease everyone’s mind, I’m not a hacker and have a long history of making music software (working at Cakewalk + Harmonix, Helm before Vital, etc). I would be ruining my reputation and business model by packaging a virus in Vital.

For those of you concerned about a hacker getting into my servers. I just verified the builds on S3 where the builds are stored and everything matches what I uploaded and signed.

As for why Vital is getting marked as a virus, there could be a few reasons why.

There are two types of code signing signatures to, there’s a ‘regular’ version and an ‘extended validation’. I opted for the regular version because I thought at minimum it would take care of this issue. After talking with more audio plugin developers I’ve come to the conclusion that validating using this ‘regular’ code signing certificate is pretty much useless.

There have been a massive number of downloads in a single day. Massive download numbers + my brand new code signing certificate makes Vital look like a Trojan to auto malware detectors. I probably tripped some auto protection mechanism in Windows and/or Chrome after a certain number.

I’m actively trying to fix this but it may take some time to get through to these companies and switch over to an ‘extended validation’ code signing certificate. Thanks for you’re understanding and patience!


Ok thanks for clarifying this, in the mean time, we have to wait for your GO here on the forum or you will send emails to all your email subscribers when everything is sorted out?


Here Vital Synth pilotated by Native Instruments Spiral Sequencer on Live 10 Standard on WIndows 10 :grinning:

It downloaded fine for me just now. Windows Defender blocked it last night, but not now.

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Seems like it’s slowly being solved for more and more people! If this is still the case for anyone else please hold on tight whilst this issue is being resolved.

I downloaded and installed it last night. I have Kaspersky antivirus and don’t bother with windows defender. I had no issues, no warnings. Smooth sailing.
Matt has been around for a long time with the Helm synth before this, so he’s not gonna jeopardize his position and good reputation.
I used to use Avast and every time I ran an .exe file for a VST it hadn’t heard of, it prevented me installing and sent the file off for analysis, so some antivirus programs are over-protective.

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Windows Defender keeps flagging every download but Malwarebytes seems unbothered by them, even on direct scan.

This issue is being worked on! Vital is 100% clean I can assure you that


I have also scanned the Win version 1.0.3 and NOD 32 says its clean and NOD is a very trusted antivirus that is known for its ability to detect what many do not usually without false positives due to its advanced architecture. So I too feel its clean.

Nod 32 ranked 9th behind Avast. I don’t use either one.

Thanks Matt!