Vital detected as a trojan on windows

Still not sure what to do after this, waiting for official signal.

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I just downloaded the “Plus” file again a few seconds ago and ran it through Virus Total and it scored a 1/69 with only one obscure AV flagging it. Even Windows Defender didn’t flag it. I scanned the file with Bitdefender Total Security and it came out clean. I’d say False Positive but if you’d feel better wait to see what Matt says.

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Thankyou @teksonik for your suggestion.

Windows defender kinda sucks honestly.


I’ll pass until I hear something official from Matt.

Same :confused: , where the devs at?

Ya. Me neither. I think it’s not wise to ignore windows security message. We should wait till the developers fix the bug.

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This is a new executable file that isn’t known yet to Windows and antivirus software. Antivirus software relies on heuristics analyses, which can produce false positives. Windows will not even use heuristics and just blacklist the file just because it’s unknown.

As mentioned above: 1 positive on 69 antivirus engines is most definitely a false positive. The best antivirus engines have a detection rate of 99%+. The chance of ALL of them being wrong is infinitesimally small.


I scanned it with Avast, turns to be okay.

I’m pretty sure this is caused by the fact that Vital is a brand new executable and Defender is unaware of it yet. I suppose Matt didn’t submit it to Microsoft for whitelisting What to do with false positives/negatives in Microsoft Defender Antivirus - Windows security | Microsoft Docs

This what my scans showed:

VirusTotal = AdWare.DealPly.ofxe
OPSWAT = Trojan.Hesv.Esmk.Femb

So many different names that people are seeing in their scans.


I am having the self-same problem. Windows defender refuses to keep the install file even when instructed to. It reports: Trojan:Win32/Spursint.F!cl

So although I bought Vital I can’t as yet try it out until something is done about this.
As I have a brand new install of Windows I am not going to make a complete pigs-ear of my PC just to shoehorn this VST into my system.

Looking forward to a solution soon.

Facing the same issues and won’t take unecessary risks. SOS shoutout to devs

Vital is safe its just a new app and new apps need to be recognized by windows, I have vital and i can tell ya its safe, Turn off windows security before installing then turn it back on

Indeed, I temporarily turned off Windows Defender and although it still objected to the install file, it did accept to store it on my PC. I then ran the installer before deleting the install file and restarting Defender. Works now.

It’s clean. Stop worrying.

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As i work in cybersecurity and stumbled on this thread, I’ve had a quick look.
I’ve run the Vital installer within a malicious execution sandbox (depending on your license, Windows comes with one too) with results shared here.
It does show a high result of 8/10, although this is based on one aspect of how the installer (likely) operates. It shows no ransomware characteristics, outbound network traffic, or any other suspicious indicators (this is an automated, not manual analysis).
This does not mean it is not malicious, malware authors are sophisticated, especially considering the potential attack scenario here.

There has been some mention and reliance on VirusTotal, and although it is an indicator for obvious malicious artifacts (it’s fine for a first-pass), sophisticated and polymorphic code means it shouldn’t be relied on as a single point of truth.
Disabling your anti-virus to install the software on your primary machine is a bad idea and should be avoided.

Based on the factors above, it’s potentially a false positive. Vital should however ensure this is true, add a checksum to the download, and give some confidence back to the (seemingly growing) community.

Love the project and the work, keep it up.


Yes, it’s unfortunate, but I use my PC for working from home and my music hobby so anything that threatens my livelihood isn’t going on this box. Hopefully it’ll get whitelisted soon.

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Any virus warning on Mac

Got the same virus warning this morning after paying for my Pro license and trying to download the latest exe.

Scanned the exe I downloaded yesterday, no virus.

I uninstalled the VST, scanned my plugins in FL Studio, re-installed the VST and standalone version this time with the exe I downloaded yesterday, scanned my plugins in FL Studio. The extra presets did not appear or update. I opened the standalone version and the update download was automatic. Then I had to click the install button. Restarted FL Studio, re-opened Vital and the extra presets were present.