Vital deletes presets and resets them to init

Sadly I have to work between two computers currently and I use google drive to sync my projects.

But unlike other plugins whenever I switch pc all my vital instances have been reset to init presets. Normally with other plugins temporary presets seem to be stored in the project? So I have to save a new preset everytime I change something in vital, move it from my user folder to google drive. And then on my other pc put it in that user folder and load it into vital.

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Does it really completely reset the presets, or are the sounds still correct, and just the prest names are reset?
The prior would constitute a serious bug. The latter was a small issue, often discussed in the forum, that was already addresses in V1.0.4 which is available for download.

Ah I see, No it completely wipes the preset and I have to reload a saved version like mentioned. :frowning: Ill try updating vital.

Okay, that is a thing, that should not happen. Better ping Matt @Tytel about that…

This should work. I’d make sure they’re actually on the same version because right now if one is on 1.0.3 and the other is on 1.0.2 loading in 1.0.2 might cause it to be an init preset.

I made some changes in 1.0.4 that will make this a little better so you can load presets from newer versions but that will only apply to 1.0.4 and on.

Oh yeah good point. I think I installed vital later on the other pc so Ill make sure theyre synced from now on. Thanks!