Vital custom skin help?

How would I go about creating custom skins? (running version 1.0.7)

There is now a skin editor - click ALT + “burger menu” to access.

Make sure you scroll down to see all that’s available.


also, the default factory presets aren’t showing up. do I have to get the factory library again?

I don’t get it - where’s the burger menu??

you can load it manualy at your account.

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top of screen,right side, the three lines

left of the main VU, right of the presetbrowser


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Ehm… I guess you only have it in the PRO version! I have PLUS…

I have the skin editor in Plus. Do you have the latest version installed?

I’m using BASIC version and I have skin designer, it even exist in v1.0.0.

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Oh man, stupid me… I forgot the ALT key :confounded:
Thanks again!