Vital Crashing while trying to install packs for the first run

i am on MacOS Monterey 12.0.1 (21A559)
and it just doesnt like loading the default presets.
so whenever its in the middle of installing a preset pack it just fully crashes vital.


I have same here! What the actual hell. It worked like a charm with Free, and with Pro I have this? How to make a refund or I should make a chargeback?

Are you running Vital as a plugin or as a standalone app? You might try running it as a standalone application and let the presets download first. Once all that occurs you should be able to load up the plugin again. Maybe? Let us know if it works for you.

Hmm haven’t heard any issues about crashing on install until recently.
Are you on mac monterey also?

On mac the default install location is ~/Music/Vital so would be interested to know if some mac update changed that folder somehow.

yeah im on monterey.
it seemed to work after some time but now it just logs me out, i’ll check later.

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I am on latest Monterey, yes.

It finally stopped crashing Ableton on ~25 try and downloaded all presets. Yes, I actually tried it 25 times :rofl:And it finally finished downloading resets. I don’t know for sure how to reproduce it, but as an esoteric developer myself, I can guess it’s probably related with how you handle presets downloading.

Ok then, then I’ll guess it’s fixed for me for now, hopefully it will not be crashing when loaded.

can someone post a download link that works please

I was having this problem and I just got it to work by spam clicking the install button that appears in the window when vital attempts to download the factory packs. every time it crashed I just reopened the standalone and kept spam clicking the install button and it worked!
idk why but it worked hope it does for you too!

I can reproduce this problem on Monterey, first run of Vital 1.0.7 free version as a plugin in Ableton Live 11.1.1 on macOS Monterey 12.3.1 on a MacBook Pro 2018 (x86), here are the stacks for two instances of this crash: (zipped because I can only post a single link it seems like).

They are unsymbolicated of course, but you might be set up to symbolicate on your end since those are your builds. They are not exactly the same, one is the main thread crashing on the signaling of a condvar, the other is the “DownloadTask” thread crashing on some obj-c stuff, but they correspond to the same scenario:

  • installing Vital for the first time
  • dropping it into a MIDI track in Ableton Live
  • opening the plugin GUI
    • the first time I was asked to login, which I did (worked fine), and the a progress bar appeared, and it crashed by the end of the download
    • the second time I was already login, and the download started immediately, resulting in a crash at more or less the same time, when the progress bar was reaching the end

This happened twice (the two attached reports). The third time I tried the suggestion from zinksmarky above (spamming the “Install” button) and it proceeded to complete without crashing.

After the packs are installed once, everything works fine as far as I can tell on this machine. Let me know if I can help, it might not be very hard for me to repro – probably just purging some local files and attempting to re-download the presets.

Just installed Vital Pro on Mac Monterey 12.3.1. Crashes on initial run while trying to download presets in all three of my DAWs: Logic, Ableton, and Digital Performer. IS there a way to download all the presets so that it doesn’t try to do that on the initial launch? I see the subject started in Nov 21. Surely there must be a workaround by now.

Can you try installing the “early access” version (1.5.1) that you can get from and see if that will install the presets correctly?

Thank you, that worked. Appreciate the quick response.

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