Vital Crashes When I Click on Anything

I just installed Vital but it’s unusable. It crashes when I click on almost anything.
It crashes when I click on the “ADVANCED” tab.
It crashes when I load some presets.
Even if I manage to load the preset, It crashes when I click on the “EFFECTS” tab.
etc, etc, etc.

Is my CPU too old?

CPU: i5-3570K
RAM: 16.0 GB
WINDOWS: Windows 10 Pro 21H2 (OS Build: 19044.2251)
Vital Version: 1.5.5 (standalone and vst)

1.5.5 seems really unstable, try the 1.5.3 version, ive had the same issues

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1.5.3 version works!

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where do i find version 1.5.3?

I uploaded a broken build by accident yesterday.
It should be fixed if you redownload/resinstall.

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Worked perfectly.
The 432hz team is back in the game!