Vital crashes when closing the plugin

Hey, I use fl Studio 20 and whenever I press the x to close or minimize Vital it freezes for a bit and then fl Studio just closes. I don’t think fl Studio is the issue because the same thing happened in another DAW.
I already tried re-installing Vital. Version 1.0.7
I’ve seen a few other people with the same problem but no one has an answer. Its extra weird because I remember Vital working a few weeks ago.

Hey no one responded lol but I found the issue
For some reason, it works perfectly when I use the intel integrated graphics to run Fl Studio. The program was defaulting to the NVIDIA graphics. You can change this in the NVIDIA control panel.
hope i helped anyone with this issue

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This was driving me mad with no answers in sight. Tried everything… your tips on using integrated graphics over NVIDIA fixed it, thank you! The developers might want to look into why Vital doesn’t play well with NVIDIA, as there is no issue with any other plugin I have

are you using a monitor that has G-sync or high refreshrate?

I don’t believe so. Actually fiddling with the NVIDIA options fixed it once. the problem still persists. I tried reinstalling Fl studio, uninstalling and reinstalling various versions of vital 1.02 1.03 1.07 1.08, tried installing both vst3 and vst2 only or both and the issue persists across all these configurations. The interesting thing is I had none of these issues when I was using only the vst2 version. after installing the vst3, I basically could never use Vital again without it instantly crashing every single time you try to minimize or close it

The reason why I asked about it is because FL Studio hate Adaptive refresh rate monitors like G-sync and freesync, also the higher refresh rate monitor you have it also freaks out. So making it stable is to turn it off in Nvidia control panel specifically to FL Studio. it solved all of my crashing and lag problem with Vital.

Have you brought the issue up with Image-Line support? Perhaps they can find a solution for FL Studio “hating Adaptive refresh rate monitors”.

I purchased a new laptop recently without Nvidia. Its just an integrated AMD radeon graphics. Installing everything clean on this new laptop vital was working fine for about a week. Now its the exact same thing, you cannot close an instance of Vital without instant freezing/crashing