Vital crashes REAPER on Arch Linux

I am completely unable to use Vital (after I think an update broke it) or open any old project files I had that used Vital, because there’s a bug that crashes the entire DAW. I’m able to use the LV2 version for a few minutes before parts of it turn black and it crashes, which either means the crash is GUI-related or that LV2 has always been for people who put up with using only open software no matter how buggy it gets.

I am using vital-synth 1.0.8-1 from the AUR.

Edit: now Surge XT crashes, that makes me think it might be a REAPER problem.

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That’s the problem with Linux. There are so many different Distros, some based on Debian, some based on Arch, different Desktop Environments, Kernels, etc.

It must be difficult for small developers to try keeping up with all the different possible combinations. .

I love Linux and have two systems running Kubuntu but I don’t try using them for music. Hopefully some day everyone will settle in on one Distro and that can be the official music production OS.

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I cannot even load the lv2 version on Arch in Reaper.
The VST2 version works until I close and reopen the Vital Window. Then it just crashes.
I experienced the VST2 crash in another DAW aswell

If I remember right, Vital 1.5 drops LV2. So all the LV2 problems will now be solved permanently since it’s gone. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you want a stable LV2 there is Vitalium.

Perhaps if Vital ever moves to JUCE7 it’ll make use of the “proper” supported LV2, and this time cross-platform.

Loading in Reaper on Linux should be fixed in the next version (version 1.5.1). When Vital released the Linux version of Reaper was labelled ‘experimental’ so wasn’t in my testing workflow.

I’m also dropping LV2 support for now in place of VST3 on Linux.