Vital crashes in standalone and Ableton in Windows (Solved)

Whatever I try I can’t get Vital to work anymore. It worked perfect until just recently.
In standalone I can’t get into the menus either, it opens but freezes then crashes after a couple seconds.
I tried an uninstall then reinstalling it.
I tried opening it as vst2 and vst3.
I tried Ableton and Unify for vst loading but it crashes both instantly.
I’m on Windows 10 20H2.

Okay, so weird thing. I turn off my VPN and it stops crashing.
It has something to do with my login I guess.
I couldn’t login to my user account without turning off my VPN either.
But I was able to use my VPN before and login with no issues.
After starting it with my VPN off I can use it standalone and in vst form.
I opened Ableton and it started Vital no problem even with my VPN on first.

Yeah I’ve been getting some crash reports with VPNs. Still tracking it down but if you logout and click ‘work offline’ it will work with your VPN.

Okay, thanks for the reply!