Vital crashes in Linux on HiDPI

I tried the free version of Vital on Linux Mint 19.3 (based on Ubuntu 18.04), all plugin types and also the standalone.
The standalone shows a window very shortly and crashes, in terminal the only feedback is “Killed”. The LV2 plugin keeps hanging at instantiation. The VST2/3 crash the host with XWindow error.
Hosts tried: Carla, QTractor, MusE.

I have a HiDPI screen and 200% mag setting (Cinnamon desktop), possibly the problem is related to this.


If you have an NVidia card, you might try the standalone version 1.0.5. That works for me though the lv2 plug does not. I had the same killed-at-start issue with the standalone from 1.0.4, and it related to the NV Quadro I have in this old box.

If this is the same issue as the crash on NVidia drivers this should be fixed in the latest: 1.0.5

Thanks, 1.0.5 solves most of the problems (yes, I have NVidia card with the proprietary driver).
Only the LV2 plugin still doesn’t work, same problem as before, keeps hanging in the instantiation function.