Vital crashes FL21 projects

Hello everyone,

So over the past couple months, i really got deep into Vital and sound designing. Also, i learned more and more about FL Studio, and therefore my Projects started to grow bigger and bigger. I sadly reached a point where using too many Vital patches will eventually corrupt the entire FLP file to the point of being unrepairable. At around 20 Vital Patches, the entire GUI of FL21 eventually freezes up and cannot be unfrozen, no matter what i do. I tried emptying the project - didnt work. Tried to update and then reinstall Vital - didnt work. Tried to reinstall FL21 - nothing worked… i eventually started to split all of my projects into 3 or 4 .flp-files, but you can probably imagine how much of a pain post-processing and mixing was with that strategy. And i lost a file again, my best one yet. Im so frustrated. I really want to continue to work with vital, but at its current state, i really cant :frowning:

Oh also, i am on W10 if that matters. I also contacted the Image Line support, but since we are talking about 3rd party software, the seem to not be able to do much.