Vital Crashes During Load on Ableton Live 10.1

Started happening randomly, Vital Would load into a blank screen and ableton would just close with no error messages, sometimes it wont even load a GUI. The Standalone app does load and works perfectly. im more than happy to provide any logs. i love vital and use it in a lot of of my projects so this problem renders a lot of my projects usseless. Thanks in advance!

What version are you on? Did you upgrade recently?

i did upgrade vital a it over 20 minutes ago to see if that would fix it, nothing , my windows version is 20H2 and vital is 1.0.5

Is it possible for you to send me the ableton project? Would like to see if I can reproduce it on my machine.

Or does it just happen randomly when opening Vital?

it happens randomly, its any time i open the vst3 or vst version no matter what, even on a empty project

Hmm ok one thing to try to narrow down things. Can you logout of Vital (in the hamburger menu), then when the login screen pops up click on “Work offline”. Then could you see if it still crashes randomly?

Tried it, didnt really work. it crashes on the load up btw, it tries to load that GUI and stays on a white screen for a couple seconds, then crashes, also if it helps, it loads correctly on FL studio 20.7

You couldn’t get to the “Work offline” button at all or it still crashes after you clicked it?

yep!.. nothing

wait not sure if my question was clear, so you did select “work offline” and it’s still broken?

i did the log out think on the standalone app, the gui wont even load on the daw, i know its not really what u asked for but i still gave that a try :sweat_smile:

If you logout of the standalone app it logs you out of the plugin also. The “work offline” makes it so Vital won’t make any web connections so I just wanted to see if that was causing the issue.

Have you upgraded your OS or graphics drivers or anything else on your computer?

It’s strange that it would just stop working only in Ableton…

i did update windows and it did bring up a problem, where accesing the roaming folder in appdata would basically crash Explorer.exe and cause it to re-start, this doesnt really have anything to do with apps tho since they load up just fine, my graphics carde drivers havent been updated recently.
maybe the problem is ableton? considering fl studio and the standalone app work just fine my only guess would really be ableton having some issue :sweat_smile:

Did that windows update (and roaming explorer issue) happen around the time when Vital stopped working?

It’s possible that when loaded as a plugin in Ableton it can’t access the config file.

i believe it did start when the update happened