Vital crashes (closes) when I want to import presets

Hi there.
Everytime I want to import presets (free) Vital crashes (Ableton Live 11 on Windows 11). I tried both versions of Vital and also the standalone version and I tied it on two Notebooks.


It’s crashing when you go to import a vital bank?

Have you tried just dragging the presets into the save location?

Thanx Larry. But I tried this. There is no folder for sounbanks, only for presets. Presets end with vital, soundbanks with vitalbank. I put the bank (Relay Audio - Gravity) in the folder where the presets are but in Vital the presets folder is empty.

I’m afraid I will never listen to those presets…

A vitalbank is just a zipped folder with presets, you can open them with f.i. 7zip and put the presets in a folder in your :

C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Vital\MAKE A FOLDER, or use the USER folder in that folder.


Yes thanks @Yeager! like Yeager mentions, just make sure the presets are in a folder titled “presets” in your main folder for the pack, in the Vital folder.

For example:
Extract the contents to
Documents/Vital/Relay Audio - Gravity/Presets

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Guys, thank you so much for this perfect solution. It works now!


United llamas,a force to be reckoned with :sunglasses: