Vital crashes before it even loads GUI

I was so excited. This is so frustrating. Oddly there is no feature for a crash log. Will somebody help me find the crash log so we can fix this? If I load vital, it just says, “vital has stopped working” : /

Well for starters, which OS and which version of vital are you using? Standalone or as a plugin. Was an older version working before?

Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit (6.3, build 9600) using it as a plugin does nothing within LMMS, nothing happens, it does not load, and running the program standalone is what gives the unfortunate “this program has stopped working” which is the most general and unhelpful crash report I have ever seen (Under the impression Microsoft thought it good to simplify the message box, which is a terrible idea, in the past, just google error code and would often times find a fix).

SOLVED: Windows 8.1 can only run vital up to version 1.0.8. I did try rolling back a version or two, but it was not far back enough.

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having the exact same issue here. is there word on version 1.5 and above ever being made available on 8.1. Is there a workaround that anyone knows about

Win 11 21H2 same here. Standalone and VST3/Clap . 1.5.3 works fine except oversampling 4x/8x in CLAP version, it’s crash the DAW

mainly because it is quite some work to make a plugin compatible with multiple/older OS systems. consider the fact that it runs on Linux OSX (intel and arm), and Windows.

in the case of Vital the limiting factor is the UI, which makes extensive use of advanced graphical stuff, or eye candy as one might say. this makes the plugin very easy to understand for most, with modulation directly visible etc. but it comes at a cost… you need a “decent” GPU and a somewhat modern OS. with the 1.5.x versions the UI stuff was rewritten and hence some dependencies have changed as well…

great to hear that you have found other plugins to work with, no need to bash Vital.

To clarify, you can roll back to version 1.0.8 to run on windows 8.1 64 bit pro.

I can totally understand from a programming standpoint if compatibility is lost at a certain point due to making use of new API’s or something. Nonetheless, seems like a great program, but I do notice that when actively trying to use it to play back synths, whether standalone or within a DAW, there is a constant choppy sound. What hardware am I lacking? Lokki said something about a GPU, does vital use the graphics processor to make sounds? Because this laptop has a decent amount of RAM and CPU, but not GPU; so I guess that is maybe why it does this? Within the DAW the timestamps seem as though it is struggling to properly process a chord, sounds terrible, but if I export to MP3 when it is all processed fortunately I get some nice sounds! Do I maybe have things set up wrong or limited by hardware? (2.53ghz duel core / 4 gigs of ram)

No reason to be rude to the developers either. The program is what it is, and I really appreciate it. And it isn’t like you paid $500 dollars for omnisphere expect to work around some bugs.

Yeah I don’t support anything before Windows 10 and I’ve been getting a lot of reports that the new version doesn’t work on Windows 7 or 8. I didn’t support pre Windows 10 for the last version either but I guess it was working for a lot of people since I’m getting a lot of reports.

There seems to be a lot of interest so I may take some time and see if I can fix this for older windows versions. Version 1.0.8 will always be available if you want to use that until version 1.5 works on older versions of Windows (or until you upgrade to Windows 10/11)

I’m having the same kind of crash on Win10. I uninstalled and reinstalled without success. I was trying to upgrade from 1.0.8 to 1.5.3.

I rolled back to 1.0.8. No time for this.