Vital crashes Ableton when opening up certain filters

I have noticed that vital keeps crashing Ableton 10 whenever I open up the “Band Spread Flange-” filter. Im Currently Running a MacBook Pro mid 2012 with a 2.9 Ghz Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM and my operating system is MacOS Mojave. Any thoughts to a solution on this? Should I maybe try reinstalling the synth altogether? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

same for me. on m1 MacBook with 11.2.3 and on Mac Pro 10.12.6

And the same filter works in standalone mode?

Indeed it does! checked right away.

Ok, last thing you can try, you should have an AU and a VST version, do both exhibit the same problem?

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aaah, VST works! :slight_smile: Didn´t tried that before. Thanks! :slight_smile:

VST works, no crashes! Thank you, I was experiencing it with the “Comb” filter section particularly with the “Band Spread Flange-” and a few others as well.

Looking into this one

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