Vital crash abl 11 ´´screen´´

Sometime during the set, vital make some crash sounds throwing the vol. to the top, then mi pc freeze the screen or makes black, after that I have to turn off my laptop cause I can´t do more.

Hmm this sounds like a sound driver is crashing or something (which usually a plugin/DAW can’t do even if the program gave bad audio or crashed).

How do you know it’s Vital that’s causing the issue? What’s your setup? (like what DAW or standalone, what OS, etc)

I know this by Ableton´s support, told me that maybe ableton crash cause your puglin, I already download the last version of ableton 11 as well as the last version of Vital, so my setup is like Abl 11, behringer umc 204hd soundcard, yamaha hs5, a midi keyboard and an MSI amd ryzen 7 series.

Does this happen randomly? Or at certain times with specific presets?

Totally randomly, maybe I´m working on my track half and hour and works perfectly, then could be crash 3 times in 10 min. All day like this and I dont know what to do. I tried offline and nothing, download standalone and the same, so…