Vital Compo, a casual vital compotition

At that start of each month, a theme will be given and participants will have 3 weeks to submit their patches. The following week, patches will be accessed and the top 3 will be chosen as winners. Winners will get their patches featured in the next months post and in the hall of fame forever on the discord

All of the submitted presets will be free to download after and during the competition.

Patch submission will happen on each months post, all questions and discussion about each months compo should be held in the discord: The discord also contains more detailed submission info.

Thanks to @andrew_a for inspiring this competition and for all his efforts with the Free Patch Sharing Thread!

The first Vital Compo will start February 1, 2022. Feel free to ask questions and clarifications below!


The compo is a nice Idea. Thanks for driving this @SlavaCat!
This community lives and strives from people like @andrew_a, you and others that take he driver seat and actively add to it. :+1: