Vital command line options on the Mac version of Vital

I see that running /Applications/ -h in the terminal gives the following command line options:

  vital [OPTION...]

Vital polyphonic wavetable synthesizer.

Help Options:
  -h, --help                          Show help options

Application Options:
  -v, --version                       Show version information and exit
  --headless                          Run without graphical interface.
  --tabletowav                        Converts a vitaltable to wav file.
  --tableimages                       Renders an image for the table.
  --render                            Render to an audio file.
  -m, --midi                          Note to play (with --render).
  -l, --length                        Not length to play (with --render).
  -b, --bpm                           BPM to play (with --render).
  --images                            Render oscilloscope images (with --render).

I’ve tried a couple out, but I get a segmentation fault.

Does anyone know if these work on the Mac?, and if so, have some example syntax? Thanks.

I was wondering if a quick render of a preset could be generated for uploading (as with the discord bot).