Vital changes depending on monitor - doesn't work on external

Vital Pro, Intel mac, Catalina, Logic 10.6 using vital as AU.

In addition to the missing presets, whenever I move vital over to my extenral I get a weird reyed out zoomed in overlay. This happens regardless of what size I make vital on my functioning monitor (i.e. if I grow or shrink the UI on my laptop screen, which I grab it and move it back to external it still basically looks like this:!


I get the same issue - but only when Vital is in stand-alone mode. In the DAW (Reaper) it’s fine.

It sounds like you have text-scaling set on your external monitor.
In Windows, Right-click anywhere on the desktop and click ‘Display Settings’. Once there, select your external monitor (e.g. Monitor 2?) then scroll down to ‘Scale and Layout’. If that says anything other than 100% that could be the problem. Set it to 100% and try that.

I don’t know how you change this on a Mac.

The downside of this is that, at 100%, everything else is really tiny and hard to read.
My external monitor is set at its maximum resolution of 3840 x 2160 - but I usually have Scale and Layout set to 150% - so I get the same issue you’re getting. (This happens with quite a few VSTs).
I have tried reducing the display resolution to 2560 x 1440; which keeps Vital looking good, and makes the text bigger - but the text is a bit blurry.

All 'round it’s a pain in the arse.


Yo thanks for the insight Dave. Which monitor do you have? In the other thread on this topic the other user and I both having the 34" samsung thunderbolt ultrawide