Vital Change Log

Newest changes to Vital. Will update this when new builds are out.

Version 1.0.5

  • Fixed crash in Linux when using NVidia drivers
  • Fixed flashing graphics on Linux with some drivers
  • Screen resolution causing “scrambled” UI fixed
  • Error logging
  • Fixed saving MPE enabled to preset
  • Using keyboard arrows to browse presets/content
  • Handling some login errors better

Version 1.0.4

  • Added default “All” selector to browsers
  • Setting up better offline workflow
  • Can now load presets from newer minor versions if only bug fixes have happened
  • Upped max wavetables per custom folder to 8000
  • Fixed a possible UI hang when opening Vital
  • Making LFO painting trigger on ‘cmd’ on mac
  • Make plugin appear under “Vital Audio” instead of “Matt Tytel”
  • Fixing click+drag selecting wt editor keyframes on high DPI screens
  • Capitalize style in browser
  • Fixed loading name from externally loaded preset
  • Fixed loading sample names across project close/open
  • Fixed saving/loading preset name across project loads
  • Fixed some text editor scrolling issues
  • Better browser behavior with WTs/Samples/LFOs
  • Fixed scaling window from side and bottom on mac on some setups
  • Double click on envelope magnification to fill view
  • Fixed some multi-monitor screen resolution issues
  • Fixed arrow browsing on modulation remap section
  • Fixed some graphical flickering on Apple Silicon computers
  • Fixed TTWT requests stop working after running Vital for a while
  • Catching situations with corrupted download files