Vital Causing Screen to jitter

Hello, Updated the to the latest version of Vital and when I pull it up my whole screen starts to jump or shake a bit. Not really a flicker as it stays on but will quickly snap back and forth. Screen is jittering.

Vital 1.5.3 on PC using Windows 11 and built in Intel graphics. All updated.

Anybody experience this?

Same problem on Mac…recently just bought preset pack,so i have to update,and this happened…really sad…

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Something similar happening here when running the standalone Vital, but only when the window is maximized. It’s as if the Vital window moves a little then jumps back. It’s intermittent; it happens often but I can’t trigger it at will. It doesn’t happen when running the plugin under the Cantabile host. I’m running the standalone Vital 1.5.3 on Windows 10.

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Has there been a fix for this? It’s still happening for me even after updating to the latest version 1.5.5

I really love and want to use this synth so it’s a bit of a bummer.

Similar issue here, PC built in i7 graphics, Cubase, LG38". Screen flickers and will go to black. 100% vital only issue.

I found that it’s has to do with the global window size setting for Vital. Set at 100% the screen flickers. But if you set it to 80% it’s fine. You can even resize it manually and it will still be fine as long as the global window size is set to 80%

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I’ll give this a try tonight. Thank you

Please let me know if it works for you. I’m still trying to figure out if I can trust it. I want to trust it because this synth sounds great.

Occasional flicker but this seems stable enough to roll with it now