Vital black friday - $20 off Vital Pro (+ Fundraiser)


Well that should be interesting considering how incredibly low cost Vital is now. Hopefully those who are only using the free version will update to a paid version to support Matt.

I may update from the Plus version but don’t need more presets so we’ll see.

Here it is:

We’re donating and matching all Vital Pro sales to Gameheads through Monday. Gameheads makes the tech industry more diverse by teaching young people game development, graphics, programming and sound design.

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Upgrade (Plus to Pro) is same price as always, no?


Yeah I kinda regret buying Plus recently because this deal doesn’t save me anything.


I’m not able to upgrade for $35 instead of $55.The $20 off doesn’t work. I’ve been waiting for a long time to upgrade Black Friday.:confounded:


This looks to be a really positive (and generous) initiative. I hope it’s a success @Tytel

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I bought it too but don’t regret it. I bought it to get early access and to show my appreciation to Matt.

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i bought it too…for free…feels a bit weird…so i just keep on paying my monthly fee as well: PRO + SUB :smiley: