Vital Automation causes playback hiccups in Reason Suite with multi-core rendering, Mac OSX

Not sure what the deal is here. If I have the multi-core rendering setting enabled in Reason (pretty important to have when running almost any project at scale; I have an 8-core processor, and limiting to single-core makes me need to bounce everything in order to even play things back), any automation for Vital params (macros or individual controls) causes playback stutter. I really like Vital’s workflow and how flexible it is, but I’m forced to return to other software synths that don’t have this problem or bounce everything I work on using Vital, which is a big downside for the workflow and sort of makes it not worth it for me…

Mac OSX 10.15.7

Reason Suite 11.3.6d3

Interface (not that it should matter?) UAD Apollo Twin X