Vital AU component not found?

Literally, been using Vital since the thing came out and just today (out of nowhere) I open up a project on Ableton and Vital is not found. I checked my components folder and IT IS there. Odd, the VST and VST3 versions are there and work just fine, but the AU version doesn’t even show up on Ableton plugins/search even though it’s in the system folder and I haven’t done anything… What is going on? :weary:

MacOs M1 Ventura

So I ended up downgrading to v1.0.7 and all is back to normal (well not really) Now I know what happened. :confused: I purchased Vital preset pack which didn’t work with v1.0.7 (because the presets were made with newer Vital) so I updated Vital to 1.5.5. That’s when the AU file completely disappeared from Ableton and is not detectable… any way around this? Is it possible to downgrade the presets?

Somehow it almost always seems to be Lice that ppl have troubles like this with.

Can you tell it to manually check for new plugins or re-index them?