Vital appears as sampler in FL Studio, won't open if closed, and no sound

When I open Vital into the FL channel rack it shows as Sampler instead of Vital. There is never any sound. Also while the plugin shows up, if I close out of it I can no longer get it back up, only the Sampler.

Vital works just fine in FL Studio here on two different systems. You’ll have to provide more information if you hope to get any help.

Its listed as a synth in Plugin Manager but it adds itself to an effect slot on the master bus every time I open one. I have the most recent updates for FL and Vital.

Also it is installed as a generator and not an effect

How are you adding the plugin? From the Add Menu or the Plugin Picker, or the Browser? Try adding it from the + on the bottom of the Channel Rack.

Have you checked if the VST 3 version is chosen? Try only using the VST2 version as this works better currently. The VST3 version still causes me issues.

Also it is worth checking you are running the absolute latest version of FL Studio :slight_smile:

adding it a different way seems to work

be sure you pick the generator version :wink:

There is no FX version of Vital only the Generator version.

that is very, very true