Vital app won't launch

Downloaded the free app to try, want to purchase next level up but when I try to open on my laptop it opens to a blank white screen for a second, then closes. Using a Lenovo ThinkPad and can run everything else on it but this program, please help on what may be happening. Windows 10 fully patched, Vital just won’t launch.

Me too, I have a Lenovo T420 and am getting a white screen which just flashes briefly then disappears. Vital will run on my Asus MB/Pentium 5 desktop.
Does anyone have an answer? Maybe its a video drivers dependency needed to fire up the GUI type problem like with MassiveX -or what else?

Ok, it’s an OpenGL issue. Looks like any machine with an embedded Intel HD 3000 graphics chip is SOL when trying to open Vital. Specific error saying it requires OpenCL 1.4 occurs when opening the VST. Standalone just flashes and won’t open. The VST is actually running with the default Init patch and will produce sound (in Ableton) but no GUI for control interface. (Ran into same issue with MassiveX) Funny thing is that this machine is running OpenGL 4.xx and OpenGL 1.4 is old so why won’t the Vital GUI fire up?
Anyone out there, Matt ?? Can Vital be fixed/recoded so as to not throw this OpenGL error on Intel HD 3000 chip?

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Correct the standalone is what won’t open for me. Launching it from Cantabile works fine. I believe it will open from Studio One as well, but need to verify that. Would like to get it to launch properly on its own, but you may be right on the OpenGL. It does launch fine on my PC, but I built that from scratch and put a high end graphics accelerator card in it.

Don’t know what language and libraries Matt used to create Vital so what I’ve been trying for a while now is to understand is how the programatic calls are made to trigger and use OpenGL which would NOT be backward or forward compatible with higher levels of OpenGL. I believe it also may be an issue with the compatibility within the code attached to graphics chips/cards support libraries running on a machine having these older (especially the Intel HD Graphics generation) chips/cards.
Any graphics programmer gurus out there who can shed some light on this??
I’d really like to run this on my Thinkpad T420 and NOT have to buy another $1,000 laptop just to be able to run Vital!