Vital and ProTools

I just downloaded the free version of vital, and for some reason I can’t put it into an instrument track on PT. Wanted to use it to just make synths for fun, but the instrument only shows up as a standalone and I can’t figure out how to use it in a session.

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There’s no AAX support right now.

But do you plan to include it?

just here to say that AAX support would be greatly appreciated, but i know we only make up like 1-2% of the user base. I know i can use various warpers, but at some point they always seem to fail/crash when a project gets big. At any rate, vital looks awesome, really enjoyed hearing you on the mr.bill podcast, and i look forward to using vital one day!


Same here. I’d love to use it but the wrappers can be a faff. We might be a small group but quite a high percentage of industry professionals use pro tools and I’d love to use Vital in my workflow.

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I’ve been using Vital Synth with ProTools 2020/21 in the Kushview Element wrapper for well over a year now. I use it regularly in Advanced MIDI classes at the college where I teach and in my own work. Even with many instances, it’s been a super solid combo on both Mac and Windows. I’d recommend giving it a shot. Cheers, HJT

Please add AAX support! Thank you