Vital and M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49

I’m using Vital 1.5.5, in Reaper on Windows 10. My MIDI controller is an M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 running in preset mode.

Does anyone else have an issue where the mod wheel and pitch wheel will work when in Preset mode on the controller, but there is no animation from Vital to indicate it is working as I’m moving them?

The parameter knobs are working and showing animation, so that is nice at least.

I figure I may have to make a preset patch specifically for Vital in the M-Audio Preset Editor (which is a pain, but doable). If this is the case, is there a MIDI mapping list for Vital I can reference to set everything up on my controller properly?

If anyone has any advice, I’m all ears. Thanks!

Hey! I think the Mod and Pitch wheel not moving in Vital window is a known bug, I’ve certainly seen other threads on the site, but not sure there is a fix yet, just fyi that you are not alone!

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Here is hoping it gets a fix in an upcoming patch!

My next step is to make a custom preset for my MIDI controller specifically for Vital, just to make sure its not an issue with the built in preset I’m using.

Is there documentation somewhere with a list of MIDI CCs Vital uses?

I’m not sure if there’s anything official
Did a quick search on the forum and found that midi 70-77 don’t seem to do anything.

But incase it helps:
Right click on the Vital control you want to connect to midi CC, select “learn midi assignment”, move the required CC on your m audio.

Yea, I tried the MIDI Learn feature already, unfortunately.

It’ll learn the proper CCs but won’t show the animation on the mod or pitch wheel.

At the end of the day, not a massive issue, just would be cool to have it be properly animated in the synth.

I’m pretty sure Matt is aware and working on a fix :slight_smile: fingers crossed it’ll be resolved soon. Otherwise best of luck with your patches!

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