Vital always reinstalls whenever I restart my DAW

I noticed that Vital seems to always want to reinstall the Vital presets whenever I restart my DAW. This takes quite a while as I recently went to the Pro version. (I recall this was also previously the case with the Free version.) Even without me shutting down the computer inbetween, if I relaunch the DAW, Vital will want to re-install if loaded into the current track.

I’m suspecting that this happens because of my external SSD. I have an external SSD constantly connected to my laptop, and it has a constant discdrive alphabet (J:/). Both my DAW and the instruments are installed on the external SSD. Could it be that it’s constantly asking to re-install because it’s an external SSD? (Like, it couldn’t find it stably?) I kind of recall that this doesn’t happen on my PC where by DAW & instruments are installed onto an internal harddrive, but not at home at the moment to confirm that.

I’m using FL Studio v20.7.2 on Windows 10. Let me know how I could provide further information to help debug this. At the moment it has become very tedious to load in Vital.