Vital 1.5.x crashes FL Studio on launch

Just a heads up, i’m running FL Studio version 20.9.1 (build 2826) in Arch Linux via WINE version 7.19.

Vital 1.0.7 loads fine (and is a little flickery during playback but that’s due to WINE), runs beautifully. When i tried to upgrade to 1.5.5 initially (i uninstalled 1.0.7 and installed 1.5.5), i opened up Vital and it loaded for a couple seconds then crashed FL Studio. No output.

i then tested with all 1.5.x versions and it seems that 1.5.x just crashes FL Studio for some reason. idk what the reason is, and i’m kinda bummed since the custom filter stuff is reminding me alot about harmor and it looks so good

I’m having the same issue. Stuck on version 1.08 because all 1.5x cause a crash. This is an issue with wine though and is probably due to the updates in vitals graphics which wine can’t handle. The native linux version works perfectly. We’ll have to just wait for the next wine update and hope these issues get addressed

ahh, ok, so at least that narrows it down.

on windows with this same problem so idk if it got narrowed down anymore :joy:

lol, didn’t know that this was a bare windows thing as well haha, interesting that we linux users aren’t the only ones having this bug :slight_smile:

I have the same issue on my older i5-4300U, but on my newer Xeon workstation I do not have the issue. The laptop is stuck on 1.0.8. It is still considered early release so no biggie.

Just FYI, using Vital under Wine is not a supported use case and I won’t be actively debugging/fixing Wine specific issues.

As a workaround for this, instead of using the VST version, install the native linux version of wine,then inside fl studio use the midi out plugin. This requires a little bit of additional setup but once you’ve done it once it should persist.

Go into settings and enable the ‘midi through Port:0’ set it’s port to the same as the port in the midi out plugin. Vital-linux should now receive the midi data and produce sound. You can also set up the cc controls so that you can use them to record any automation directly into FLS.

To get the sound back into FLS you need to setup two things. Open / install pavcontrol, go to the recording tab and set the recording option for FLS to "monitor on … (whatever your soundcard is). Back in FLS, assign a mixer channel for stereo recording. Load an instance of Edison and set it to record on play. Set the channel volume slider to 0 while recording. Arm the track for recording from the menu (or click the dot on the channel). Now when you play your midi sequence it will record the audio into edison. Once you’ve finished recording, de-arm the track and set the recording input back to none.

EDIT: run:
pactl load-module module-null-sink sink_name=nullsink
in a terminal. This will load a null-sink for use as a source/output. Use pavcontrol to set vital’s playback to this nullsink. Now vital will not produce any sound from the app itself. Set the recording option for FLS to this nullsink as well. Now the output from vital will play through the mixer channel that is set to record. Doing it like this allows you to add additional effects to the channel and hear that output as intended before doing any actual recording. Setting things up in this way allows you to use vital as if it were running inside the daw.

This may seem complicated but its only the recording part that takes more work, and you’re likely to only need to do that a few times when you consolidate your sounds. Make sure nothing else on your system is producing sound when you record else that will get recorded as well.

Interesting to note that the standalone windows version of vital 1.5.5 works fine through wine, its only the vst versions that bug out. Hopefully with later versions of wine these bugs will get corrected.