Vital 1.5 problems

I can’t run Vital 1.5 with Reaper or stand alone.
Can somebody tell me the mininal requirements to run.
Mine is an Intel quad, 2.4Ghz, 8Gb RAM Windows 10 64 bit.
Vital 1.07 runs without problems with Reaper and Stand alone.

Try downloading a higher version like 1.5.5 and see if the issue is resolved.

Not 100% sure if this will help but I had crashing too until I installed the x64 Microsoft C Redistributable from Microsoft: Latest supported Visual C++ Redistributable downloads | Microsoft Learn (direct download link for it from that page:

Vital 1.5.5 installed
C++ redistributable installed
Problem not solved There is a black window and then closes.
Vital 1.0.7 running without problems

Vital 1.0.8 running without problems
Vital 1.5.1 … 1.5.5 none running
My OpenGl version is 4,6

It’s not going to be an OpenGL issue:

To ensure it’s not a graphics issue, toggle “load generic VST UI” in your preferences:

My upgraded Vital working great with Reaper. My only issue is that the bypassed modulations are not changing color, which is throwing me off a little.

Loaded with default VST generic. It seems there is a problem with the UI.
Stand alone doesn’t run

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