Vital 1.5.5 on UbuntuStudio and Ardour, GUI bug

I just found out about this plugin, and went ahead to test it on UbuntuStudio 20.04.3 LTS and
Ardour 6.9.0 DAW.

Single instance of Vital 1.5.5 works perfectly. However, when i use more than one, after a while closing and reopening the plugin windows, the GUI starts bugging out on the new instances, it is flashing, and not all elements are drawn. only few random widgets seem to be visible and updating, and I have to restart the DAW and the plugin instances to get them working again for a while.

Sound is not affected, it is playing fine, and the presets are correctly loaded per instance, just the GUI bug so far.

Affects me too. Linux Mint 21.3 (based on Ubuntu 20.04.3), using Ardour 7. Ryzen 3950X with nVidia RTX 2060 Ti. Multiple monitors.

What happened:
Vital GUI glitches out when more than one instance of Vital loaded into Ardour DAW on different tracks.

What should have happened:
GUI works normally, text is visible, no graphical glitches

Steps to reproduce:
You will need Ubuntu 20.04.3 and Ardour 7.

  1. Load up Ardour
  2. Add 3 MIDI tracks with Vital as the instrument plugin
  3. Draw some MIDI regions and throw on some notes
  4. Go to the mixer window, double click on one of the Vital instances while playing.

(I would post more screenshots, but your forum restricts this for new members)