Vital 1.5.5. is not opening on Windows 7

Hi there !! i been using vital since like a few months ago and i was using the past versions 1.0.7 or 1.0.8 and they worked smooth, but i bought a preset library a few days ago and when i tried to open them it said that they were created with a new version, so i installed the 1.5.5 and whenever i try to open the vst it just wont open it, not in the DAW or Stand alone, so i don´t know what to do so i can use the library ive got can you guys help me out please ?

Try using just 1.5.1, it should have more stability; however, all of these are still in Early Access, so you might need to wait until a fully stable release.


Windows 7 isn’t technically supported by Vital, so getting anything to work could be difficult.

Thank you, i did installed that version too with no success :frowning: i hope they could include it to work on win 7 for the next versions :frowning: