Vital 1.5.5 (Early access) Linux (deb). Sound lags when key press in a clap on Bitwig

Start new project, add MIDI track with Vital clap.
Now just click on any place of Vital interface and try to press some keys and get some sounds.

I get random lags. Some tries with no lags, some tries with lags on press and some tries with lags on release. Vital “thinks” that key is not released and continue to play a sound. I find out that if I move mouse over Vital interface then the key releases same moment I touch the mouse. So if I perpetually move my mouse over Vital interface elements there is no lags.

If I click on Bitwig window or close Vital window then lags disappear and its all ok.

Vst2/3 are the same but no sounds at all.

Vital standalone works well, no lags.

OS: Kubuntu 22.04
VItal: 1.5.5 (Early access)
Bitwig: 5.1.9 and 5.2 beta7.