Vital 1.5.5 does not start

English may be wrong because I use google translate.
Immediately after 1.5.5 was released, there was no problem at all, but recently, every time I try to open a project that includes vital, it crashes with my DAW.
Projects that don’t include vital can be opened without problems, but opening vital alone crashes vital.

When I open vital, the window is completely black and after a few seconds in that state it abruptly quits. No error is shown.
I also tried reinstalling, but it didn’t work.

The DAW I’m using is ‘cakewalk’.

Maybe Avast Antivirus ?

No. I don’t have any security software on my computer.

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Since you didn’t change Vital between when it was working, and when it started to crash, there must be something else you have installed, updated or changed, can you find out what that was ?

Do you mean loading the plug in in the DAW or starting the stand alone app ?

Both when vital is loaded in daw and when activated only with vital

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