Vital 1.5.5. crashes when loading certain presets

I just bought and installed Vital Plus.
After logging into Vital (standalone) on my Windows 10 audio workstation, and installation of the patches that come with the Plus version, I noticed that when trying to load specific patches, Vital crashes.
One example: FM drum circle.
When loading Vital as a VST3 plugin in my DAW (Cubase 12 Pro), same behaviour, i.e. when loading the same patch into Vital VST, it crashes not only Vital but Cubase alltogether.
After unstalling Vital 1.5.5 and installing Vital 1.5.1 instead, all is OK. I haven’t tried the version between 1.5.1 and 1.5.5 and will stay on 1.5.1. until a new version comes out. Will try again then and confirm in this forum if this issue is resolved or not with a new version.

Yeah I uploaded a broken build by accident a day or two ago.
If you redownload version 1.5.5 it should work now.

Sorry about that!

Thanks for the quick reply, Tytel! I’ll redownload and retest and will confirm here if all is ok. I have full confidence it will be :grin:

Just downloaded the 1.5.5 version and all is working fine now. Thanks!