Vital 1.5.4 crashes Ableton Live 11.2 on Mac

Installed 1.5.4 on my Mac and it won’t even let Ableton start up. Went back to 1.5.3 and everything is fine now. Might be the new update 11.2 Ableton very recently implemented.

Same here I saw the 1.5.4 and loaded on my mac.

MBP 15 Mid 2015 macOS Monterey - Standalone, Abletone 11.2 and Logic Pro 10.7.4 all crashed and not working. I went back to 1.5.3.

Same here: Vital 1.5.4 crashes immedately on macOS 10.15.7. I tried standalone, in Reaper v6.25 and in FL Studio 20.9. Reaper and FL Studio crash when Vital is loaded and the error report shows ``division by zero’'.

Vital 1.5.3 seems to work well.