Vital 1.5.3 UI bug (CLAP version only)

Went to download the new Vital version released today for pro subscribers and I am excited to see there is now a CLAP version for Bitwig users ! However there is a big bug with the UI for the CLAP version on my system: macOS Monterey. I’m sure it can be fixed relatively soon and easily but just wanted to let the community know as I am excited to use Vital as a CLAP plugin and I’m sure everyone that knows about the format is as well! I am running the latest version of Bitwig(4.3.8)

sorry I’m not sure if this jpeg will be visible to you guys but basically I am getting a big blank background surrounding vital but just wanted to clarify this only happening with the CLAP version: the vst3 version is running p


Same bug here, with Bitwig 4.3.4


Same bug in Bitwig 4.3.7, Monterey w M1 Pro.

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Same bug Bitwig 4.3.8, macOS Monterey 12.6, M1 Max.

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Same here with Bw 4.3.8 and M1 pro.

I can confirm this bug under macOS 12.6 as well. I looks like CLAP ignores the hidpi-scaling for the window size, since the window seems to be twice the size of the actual GUI.

My Bitwig doesnt even see the clap version

Same bug. Vital 1.5.5, Bitwig 5.0.11, OSX 12.7, Apple Silicon M1

Just don’t use the CLAP plugin, it has other bugs as well.

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1.5.5 CLAP used in Bitwig on Monterey without problems for a long time…
now after clean MacOS install this problem came back
i don’t remember how i fixed it…