Vital 1.5.3 in Bitwig, Linux - CLAP crashes while launching the UI, no midi signal with the VST3 while UI in the foreground


I’ve been trying out the new Vital version in Bitwig 4.3.8 running Fedora Linux 36. The rpm installer works well and the standalone app has no problems. The CLAP plugin loads, but launching the UI immediately crashes the plugin. VST3 on the other hand works, but I don’t have any midi input going into the plugin from my keyboard, while the UI is in the foreground. If I focus on the DAW, I can still transmit midi info to Vital. But going back to it, makes the latest note stuck inside the plugin.

I’ve had a lot of fun playing with it and would like to make it a part of my workflow. I hope future beta releases will have it sorted out. If you want me to gather any data or logs, please let me know.