Vital 1.5.2: Modwheel and Pitchwheel have some problems

For example, if I use the pitchwheel from the keyboard I hear the sound change but the wheel does not move, if I try to spin the wheel with the mouse, the wheel moves and the sound changes. Until version 1.08 everything worked fine. Tested on windows 10, ableton 11.1.6, vst3 and standalone, mpe disabled/enabled

I’m having similar issues, using Vital 1.5.2 in standalone on Windows 11.

Pitch bend and mod wheel control over MIDI is no longer working correctly after updating from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2

It appears that the values are received but not stored, so for example while moving the mod wheel there are some glitchy sounds as the value jumps up and down, but as soon I stop touching the wheel the value jumps back to zero.

I can reproduce this on OSX M1 build. It works as long as the GUI is closed…

Confirmed in Live 11 and Bitwig on a Intel iMac, Push 2 or Novation SL MK3. Vital 1.5.2 responds buggy to mod wheel or pitch bend. Modulation blue dot jumps all over the place, very fast and erratic, and then returns to 0 when not moving the hardware controllers. I’m not in MPE mode, and I’m using both VST 3 and Clap versions.

Looks like this is fixed in 1.5.3

I confirm that the pitch wheel sound issue has been fixed with version 1.5.3. The graphic problem has not been solved, the wheel does not move even if the pitch changes. I don’t think it’s related to my hardware (launchkey mini mk3), because it works with vital 1.0.7 and other synts like pigments, ana 2, sektor …

Vital 1.5.3 Mac M1 - mod/pitch do not work